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Dumbwaiter | Restaurant in Mobile, AL
Thank you for your interest in franchising with Dumbwaiter Restaurant! Entrepreneurs looking to franchise with us should be excited about the exceptional opportunity it presents in the Southern restaurant market. With a rich history rooted in Southern heritage and a coastal flair, Dumbwaiter offers a unique and captivating dining experience. The statistics from the Southern restaurant market are compelling, demonstrating a steady increase in demand for high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients. Dumbwaiter's dedication to using only the finest, fresh, and never frozen ingredients, sourced both locally and regionally, aligns perfectly with this trend. With its prime location in the heart of downtown Mobile, Alabama, and a menu that captures the essence of the South, franchising with Dumbwaiter Restaurant offers entrepreneurs a golden opportunity to tap into a thriving market and share in the success of this iconic Southern culinary gem.

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Dumbwaiter | Restaurant in Mobile, AL
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Dumbwaiter | Restaurant in Mobile, AL
The concept of Dumbwaiter Restaurant is a true embodiment of simplicity and excellence in Southern cuisine. Founded by Wes and Dana Lambert, their vision was clear from the start: take simple, time-tested recipes passed down through generations and infuse them with innovation and creativity to create truly outstanding dishes. The name “Dumbwaiter” is not just a clever nod to its historical use in restaurants and homes for transporting food; it symbolizes the essence of the restaurant’s approach – elevating traditional Southern flavors to new heights. Dumbwaiter Restaurant proudly offers a diverse menu that can best be described as “southern heritage cooking with a coastal flair.” Using only the finest, locally-sourced ingredients, each dish is a testament to their commitment to quality and authenticity, inviting guests to savor the spirit of the South with every bite.
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Franchising with Dumbwaiter Restaurant presents a compelling opportunity for entrepreneurs, especially when considering the promising statistics in the Southern restaurant market. According to recent industry reports, the Southern region has consistently shown strong growth in the restaurant sector, with a year-over-year revenue increase of approximately 4%. That’s why we are offering you the chance to secure a location with a minimal investment. Your investment covers all the essentials, from the franchise fee to state-of-the-art equipment, inventory, and effective marketing strategies.


Dumbwaiter | Restaurant in Mobile, AL
Dumbwaiter Restaurant is committed to ensuring the success of its franchisees through comprehensive and hands-on training programs. Our training regimen is designed to equip franchisees with the knowledge and skills necessary to run a successful Dumbwaiter restaurant. The training program consists of 21 hours of classroom instruction, providing franchisees with a solid foundation in restaurant management, menu customization, customer service, and operational procedures. In addition, we offer 152 hours of invaluable on-the-job training, where franchisees will have the opportunity to work alongside experienced staff, gaining practical experience in the day-to-day operations of a Dumbwaiter restaurant. This combination of classroom and on-the-job training ensures that franchisees are well-prepared to deliver the high-quality dining experience that Dumbwaiter is known for, setting them up for success in the competitive restaurant industry.